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Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS or short term for Anti-lock Braking System is one of the safety equipment of most vehicle model now a days, its purpose is to prevent wheel lock up in case a sudden application of vehicle brakes occurred and stabilizes direction of vehicle movement and steering controllability during hard braking.

While ABS assists with the direction and steering during emergency braking, there are also limits. ABS does not eliminate the danger of an accident and it is still possible to get into unexpected accidents. Even with ABS be sure to drive safely by slowing down and maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Having ABS in your vehicle will not shorten braking distance. In fact ABS vehicle may take slightly longer to stop than the non-ABS vehicle depending on the following road conditions.

Braking over seams or other uneven surfaces in the road
Braking on bumpy, stoned pave, or other poor-condition roads
Braking on road with gravel or fresh snow
Braking with snow chains attached

Same with other vehicle equipment ABS also need a correct application to function properly the way it supposed to be.

How to correctly apply brakes on vehicle with ABS?
Step hard on brake pedal, when you need to suddenly brake press and hold the brake pedal as hard as you can, because strong and steady pedal pressure is required for ABS to work properly. During braking you may feel fine vibrations in the pedal and hear noise, but this noise and vibrations are normal which means the ABS is functioning properly, just keep applying strong pressure to the pedal.


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