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Auto Review: Nissan Navara Sneak Preview

At last after ten years without launching a new model on light trucks category, Nissan will finally coming up with a new model, introduce in the First Philippine International Motor Show, the all new Nissan Navara, this medium size light truck is the successor of the once no.1 pickup for four years in a row in the Philippine market, the Nissan Frontier.
Nissan Navara relived the frontier credibility in introducing the first and all new feature in its category to Philippine market such as first pickup with automatic transmission, Supplementary Restraint System (SRS Airbag), Zone body concept and side impact beam.
And now the legacy lives on as Nissan Navara will be introduce as the first pickup with six (6) speeds Manual Transmission in its category in the Philippine market with sturdy eight (8) cross member chassis frame also first of its kind for better durability. This light truck to be launch by the end of this year is much bigger, much bolder and much better that its predecessor, the Nissan frontier. Watch out for more specification as this light truck is coming.

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