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How to Properly Install the Wheel

Tightening Pattern of Wheel - All about carWhen our vehicle encountered flat tire were just stop then get the spare tire and have it installed in our vehicle then zoom away.

But do you know that installing tire also have a proper way of doing it? Vehicle manufacturers considered the wheel assembly as a vital part that is why it is needed to observed proper way of installing it.

How a Wheel is Properly Installed

1. Clean dirt on surface of wheel and hub that are making contact to each other.

2. Put the wheel on and initially hand tightened the wheel nut.

3. Using tire wrench, tighten wheel nuts alternately and evenly as illustrated.

4. Lower the vehicle slowly, just enough that the tire touches the ground.

5. Tighten the wheel nut securely in sequence as illustrated.

6. Lower the vehicle completely down.

It is recommended to re-tighten the wheel nut every 1000 km (600 miles) or every lubrication interval.Improper installation of wheel assembly can lead to accident that is why be sure to install it on a proper way.

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