Look After Your Toyota the Cheap Way with This Advice

There are some ways to look after your Toyota that are so cheap and easy that anyone can do them. There is no need to spend a lot of money ...

Seat belt - Buckle Up for Safety

As we all know a seat belt is not just to protect the drivers but also passengers, it secures us into our seats in the event an accident happens that is why if we do not wear seat belts we put our selves into risk, but do you know that wrong usage of seat belts may resulted in an injuries or even might not function as it supposed to be. Just as any other device seat belts also have correct positioning to follow.

Do not recline the seat while the vehicle is in motion, this can be dangerous. If accident happens while in the recline position you will be thrown out in to the shoulder belt or much worst the seat may slide under the seat belt which then can cause you neck or serious injuries.

Everybody inside the vehicle must buckle up, including the passengers in the back seat, because by not buckling up they not only putting themselves at risk but also the person in front of them as well.

Safety starts with buckling ourselves.

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