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SRS Air Bag Supplement to Safety Device

SRS Air bag TestSRS Air Bag markings can be noticed as embedded on the steering wheel of your car. But what does the SRS air bag stands for?

Well, SRS air bag stands for Supplemental Restraint System air bag, from the word itself, the purpose is not to substitutes the crash protection device, like seat belts equipped on a car, but rather supplement the seat belts whenever your car encountered a high severity frontal collision which impact exceeds the fixed level of force. SRS Air bag Test
SRS Air bag is designed to inflate and deflates in just a matter of seconds from the activation during collisions, does provides protection to a driver or passenger's head during impact to keep out from hitting interior part of a car, SRS Air Bag and Seat Belts together, provide occupants with more effective protection.

SRS Air Bag consist of two types, the conventional mechanical air bags and the electronic air bags, which is commonly use mostly by the current model of car's because of its faster reaction upon collision.

Electronic air bag system composed of Spiral cable, sensor unit and air bag module. At normal conditions, when the ignition is turned on, warning light will come on momentarily on the instrument panel, then turn off.

If after turning the ignition on and warning light does not come on, or remains lit or continues to flash, then a malfunction has occurred. In any case have the airbag be checked by your mechanic. Remember this SRS Air Bag warning:

Do not sit too close to your car steering wheel and dashboard.

SRS Air Bag Warning

Do not attached stickers on your car steering wheel or dash board this might obstruct the SRS air bag when inflating.
SRS Air Bag Caution

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