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10 Tips of Car Washing

Proper way of maintaining the external appearance of a car is by washing, when washing a car some basics tips can be taken into considerations.

1. Wash the car in an instances such as, after a rain fall to prevent damage of paint due to acid rain, after driving on coastal roads, when contaminants builds up on the paint surface, when dust and mud's build up on car surface.

2. Wash the car with plenty of water using wet sponge.

3. Use a mild soap or a car wash shampoo mixed with clean lukewarm water, do not use strong household soap, strong chemical detergents, gasoline or solvents.

4. Do not wash the car either in strong sunlight or when the car body is hot, because the paint may become water-spotted.

5. Spray water to the car under body, and in the wheel wells to loosen and wash away the road salt and dirt.

6. Regularly clean the car area that is vulnerable to road salt, such as, inside flanges, joints and fold on the doors and hood.

7. Rinse the car with plenty of water and do not use rough cloths for drying, it is better to use a damp chamois to dry the wet surface to avoid water marks.

8. Wash the wheels with a sponge dampened in a mild soap solution, do not use cleaner that contains strong acid content or alkali. Also do not apply wheel cleaner when the wheel is hot, it should be the same as the ambient temperature.

9. Rinse the wheel within 15 minutes after the cleaner is applied to completely remove the cleaner.

10. Glass can become coated with a film when park under the hot sun, glass cleaner and a soft cloth can remove dust film from the glass surface.

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