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Car Shift Noise in One or More Gears

Car Problem Diagnosis
When car shift in one or more gears noise occurs, usually the cause of this problem is a damage input shaft or main shaft bearings. Noise when a car shift is cause by a components inside a manual transmission that rotates at all times, since the input shaft bearings and the main shaft bearings are the components that rotates at all speeds, those are the likely candidates as the possible cause of shifting noise.
Those parts is only a possible cause of the transmission problem since we do not have the opportunity to checked the actual parts, transmission is a complex parts in which it very difficult to diagnose without opening the parts, therefore it is necessary for the mechanic to opened up the transmission to determined the real cause of the noise when car shift.

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How to Fix Shift Noise in One or More Gears
No other option but to bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and have the transmission checked by a mechanic, probably the transmission will be opened up when the mechanic is trying to find out what causes the problem, you are lucky if the transmission is covered by the car warranty, if not then you will be facing an expensive repair cost.


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