Dec 30, 2007

Children Vehicle Safety, Our Responsibility

Due to the increased of number of children riding in vehicles, the number of children injured or killed while riding a vehicle also increase, that is why all of us must be extra careful when we are driving with young children.
Children who cannot be buckled up correctly with a seat belt must be place into a child seat in the rear seat of a vehicle.
To correctly use a child seat, attached the child seat to the rear seat in the vehicle as tightly as possible so that the child seat does not wobble or fall forward. Adjust the harness straps on the child seat so that they are free of twist and do not rest against the child neck.
In the case you must attached a child seat to the front passenger seat, slide the passenger seat to its most rearward position and attach the child seat so that it faces forward, also thoroughly read the accompanying user manual before using child seat so as to attach it correctly.
Never let a child stand on or below, or sit without a seat belt, in the front passenger seat of a vehicle equipped with a passenger-side airbag! It is extremely dangerous. In the sudden braking before a collision, the unrestrained child will be flung first forward into the dash board, and then thrown backward by the rapid and forceful inflation of the airbag possibly causing life-threatening injuries.
Never place a rear-facing baby seat or child seat in the front passenger seat!
When a rear-facing baby seat or child seat is attached to the front passenger seat and the airbag deploys, the airbag will forcefully impact the back of the baby or child seat possibly causing life-threatening injuries.
Holding a child in your lap while a vehicle is in motion is extremely dangerous. Do not do it!
In a collision you cannot protect a child by holding her. During a 50 km/h collision, the sudden impact will in effect increase the child weight 30-fold. A 10 kg child will become 300 kg-more weight than the arms can handle. Also the child may be forcefully thrown from the vehicle.

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