Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol Review

Today I had the opportunity to drive a Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol and this is my review for Titanium version which is top of the line of the...

Vehicle Stability Control system (VSC)

The action sequence photograph shows the path of the white car after the driver rapidly turns the steering wheel to avoid the car suddenly appearing from the right .With the aid of VSC, the white car maneuver and is able to quickly return to its original lane.

Turning the steering wheel sharply to avoid something or entering a curve on a slippery road can cause a vehicle to go out of control and slide sideways.

The Vehicle Stability Conntrol system or VSC helps in such situations by quickly detecting the vehicles instability and controlling the slide, allowing the driver to maintain control of the wheel.

VSC does not eliminate the danger of accidents! It can assist with vehicle stability up to a point.

If you recklessly drive too fast into a sudden curve, for instance, even a VSC-equipped vehicle will not be able to save you from a possible injury resulting from loss of control of the vehicle.

If the VSC warning buzzer (intermittent type) sounds or the skid indicator light begins to flash, please drive extra carefully!!!

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