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Engine Overheating Do's

When you are driving and you find your engine coolant temperature gauge to be on the red zone (maximum level), it means that your have a vehicle engine overheating, if this is the case, what to do?

When your experiencing engine overheating, don’t continue driving, if you continue to do so it may result into vehicle fire, better to move your vehicle off the road and away from traffic.

Apply the parking brake and turn your hazard light on, do not turn the engine off, but rather turn your air conditioner off and exit the vehicle.

Don’t open the hood if a steam is coming out. Wait until there is no steam and engine oil coolant escaping from the hood before opening it.

When the engine is hot never attempt to remove the radiator cap because pressurized water is inside the radiator, hot water will spurt which may cause you a serious injury.

Check if the engine cooling fan is running.

During hill climbing especially on hot summer day, it is possible that your vehicle will encounter engine overheating, if this is the case, just run your vehicle engine on the fast idle speed until it returns into a normal temperature.

When the engine cools down, check if the coolant level on the reservoir is on a low level, add coolant if it is low.

Have your mechanic to check your vehicle for possible problem in your vehicle cooling system.

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  1. when I on my aircon of my car the electrical supply gets down, all lights get dim, what's the best solution to repair this problem? thanks


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