Feb 5, 2008

Car Stalls When Idling

Car Symptoms

The car stalls when idling, the car is carburetor type engine.

Car Problem Diagnosis
When a car with carburetor stalls while idling, the problems can be the idle speed setting, stuck choke or fuel flow obstruction.

To determine what causing the problems do the following car problem diagnosis.

1) While the car engine is running, step on the accelerator pedal. If the engine will keep on running when the pedal is press then the problem is a low idle setting. Carburetor engine has an idle speed screw that determines the idle speed to low, normal or fast idle. If the idle screw is set too low the engine will stalls. Pressing the pedal will give the engine the needed gasoline to stay running which compensate the low idle setting.

2) Determine if the problem only happens when the engine is cold, if so, then the problem is the stuck choke. When the choke is stuck on open position the air/fuel ratio that keeps the cold engine running becomes too lean which causes the stalling.

3) If the problem is not on the above mentioned, then the only remaining cause why the engine stalls while idling is an obstruction on the fuel line or the carburetor. When there is an obstruction along the fuel line or the carburetor, fuel is restricted from flowing into the engine thereby causing the engine to stall.

Possible Cause of Carburetor Engine Stalling While Idling
Low idle setting, stuck choke or obstruction on fuel line

How to Fix Carburetor Stalling While Idle
For the low idle speed setting. Just set the idle speed screw to higher to fix the problem.

For the stuck choke, just spray the choke linkage with a choke cleaner to free up the stuck choke that is located in the upper portion of the carburetor, any auto parts store have this kind of cleaner.

As for the obstruction on the fuel line, bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check the fuel pressure within the fuel system to locate the obstruction, also include in the checking the fuel pump to make sure.

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Anonymous said...

Car: Proton Wira/Mitsubishi Lancer
Engine: 4G93 Auto Trans'
Problem: While driving at low speed (below 3k/4k rpm), engine chokes a little (not smooth). Just replaced its spark plugs (OEM specified) a week ago. What the is the problem?