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Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speed

Car symptoms
Steering wheel vibration at high speed occurs while driving.
Car diagnosis When an steering wheel vibration at high speed is noticeable, meaning when your car reaches a high speed it is where the vibration occurs, this means that the problem comes mainly in the car front end, as it is where the steering wheel is connected. There are only two common problems that causing the steering wheel vibration especially at high speed, and those are the Imbalance Front Wheel and Loose Front End Part.

Imbalance Front Wheel
An imbalance front wheel occurs when the weight of the wheel is not evenly distributed throughout the wheel if that’s the case the wheel will rotate unevenly and vibrates. This vibration will be transferred directly thru the steering linkage and cause steering wheel vibration that which can be notice at a high speed. Now, what causes the wheel to become imbalance.

The wheel will become imbalance if the wheel weights, a small metal attached to the wheel when the wheel is subjected to balancing during assembly to even out the imbalance that occur during the manufacture of tire and wheel, is detached from the wheel.

Loose Front End Parts, if your car front end parts such as ball joints or tie rods will become loose, this will create vibration that will be transferred up to your car steering wheel making the car steering wheel vibration become noticeable at a certain speed.

Possible Cause of Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speed Imbalance
Front Wheel or Loose Front End Parts

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How to Fix Vibration on Steering Wheel
Steering wheel vibration problem is 70% cause by Imbalanced Front Wheel than that of the Loose Front End Parts.

So, the first thing to do is bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop or tire mounting shop and have your car front wheel balanced. It will not cost you much and it will probably fix the problem of steering wheel vibration. However, if the problem still occur, then you are part of the 30% that having a loose front end parts as the cause of this kind of problem and there are no other option but have your car front end parts be inspected by a mechanic to locate the loose parts and repair or replace if necessary to fix the steering wheel vibration.

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