Looking For A New Hot Hatch? 7 Reasons Why You'll Love The Audi S1

If someone asked you what the world's best hot hatch is, you might tell them it's the VW Golf GTi . After all; it was THE original ...

Auto Diagnose Glossary of Terms

Accelerator-It is the gas pedal.The vehicle moves faster or accelerate when depressed.
Accelerator Pump-The part of the carburetor which provides an extra squirt of fuel to enrich the air/fuel mixture and thus enable the car to accelerate when the gas pedal is depressed.
Additives-It is a substance that enables a products such as coolant or engine oil to perform better and provide secondary benefits when added into it.
Alternator-A belt driven device that generate electricity by the use of engine power to power the car electrical equipment.
Antifreeze-It is a solution that when added into water it will increase the boiling point and lower the freezing point, it is used into a radiator.
Anti-lock brakes-A device that prevents the locking up of the car wheel during extremely hard braking, it consist of electronic and electromechanical components.

Back fire-Air/fuel mixture ignites in the intake or exhaust manifold as opposed to the combustion chamber.
Brake drums-Metal drums mounted usually on rear wheel. The brake shoes press againts the inner surface of the brake drum and cause the vehicle to slow down
Battery-It is a device that stores electrical energy, the purpose of this device to a vehicle is to provide power to start the engine.
Battery Termials-a metal post labeled negative and positive that protrude off the top or side of the battery.

Camber-It is the angle at which the wheel is mounted related to the vehicle frame
Cylinder-It is a bore in the engine block where the piston goes up and down to drives the engine

Diesel Engine-An engine that burns diesel oil instead of gasoline and is based on fuel system without carburator.
Disc brake-A brakes with brake pads that pinch to a disc to make the vehilce stop.

Electronic ignition-An ignition systems that works by transmiting current to the spark plugs with precise electroninc means which eliminates the needs for a condenser and points.
Emissions-Chemicals in exhaust gases that are harmful to air quality