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Car Clicks but Wont Start

A lot of people encountered this kind of problem where in there vehicle do not start when the ignition is turn on, only a clicking sound is heard. They might be wondering what causes the problem.

When your car won't start just clicks is only one that heard then this kind of problem indicates two possible causes. It’s either something that involve your battery or something that involve your starter.

First let’s find out if this is a battery related problem.

In order to check for the battery, turn on your ignition key to accessory setting, (this is the point where you turn on electrical equipment without starting the vehicle). Then operate your windshield wipers for about 30 seconds, observed if the windshield wiper operates slower than the normal speed.

If the windshield wiper operates slower or not operating at all, then there is a problem with your battery because windshield wipers are operated by the battery.

Now, let’s find out if you have a weak battery or just a presence of corrosion in the terminal that prevents the flow of the current. Open the hood of your vehicle checks the battery terminals.

If there is no presence of corrosion in the battery terminal then you have a weak battery, if your battery is not sealed type, check the liquid level, it must cover the top of the battery plates, if the level is low, add distilled water until it covers the top of the battery plates, and bring your battery to battery shop to check if it can still be recharge.

But, if there is a presence of cruddy-like substance then your battery is corroded and this will not start your vehicle because it prevents the battery from sending enough current to activate your starter which in turn starts your vehicle engine. To correct the problem, remove the corrosion on the battery terminal using a wire brush; also baking soda mixed with water can be used to dissolved the corrosion, after you clean your battery terminal, apply petroleum jelly as coating to prevent the presence of corrosion in the future.

If after checking your vehicle battery you found out that it is in good condition and your vehicle does not start then the problem is the starter or just a bad electrical connection. To check the problem, locate your starter, check if all the wires going to the starter are ok then it’s simply a problem of a bad starter. Have your mechanic replace the starter, a rebuilt starter is recommended as it is less expensive and also reliable.

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  1. Thank you for the info. THis is what is going on with our Ford Escape right now.

  2. Hi Jojo,Hope this information may help you....thanks for the visit...

  3. thanks i think my battery is weak on my 93 toyota corrolla


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