Looking For A New Hot Hatch? 7 Reasons Why You'll Love The Audi S1

If someone asked you what the world's best hot hatch is, you might tell them it's the VW Golf GTi . After all; it was THE original ...

Monthly car care tips - Check your vehicle lights

Are We There Yet?
Even with summer on the horizon, Old Man Winter can blow in with a reminder that we’re not out of the woods yet. So, if you’re caught in one of his early-spring temper tantrums, take heed. Late March snowfall is much wetter and stickier than December flurries. That means conditions deteriorate quickly, turning the road to a slick and slushy mess. Slow down, increase distances and hang tight—summer’s almost here!
Light ‘em Up
A quick and easy way to make sure all your vehicle’s lights are working: After dark, park near a garage door or unlit wall. Check high and low beams, parking lights and signals. You’ll see the lights’ reflection on the wall. Then, back up and check the rear: tail lights, brakes lights, reverse lights and signals; only this time watch for the reflections in your mirror.
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