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Car Pulls to One Side on Driving

When your car slightly pulls to either left or right there are three possible reasons that causes the problem, your car might have a mismatch front tire pressure, front brakes dragging or your car wheels is slightly out of alignment.
If you encounter this kind of problem first thing to check is your car front tire pressure, using a tire pressure gauge check each car front tire if its both in the same tire pressure set by your car manufacturer, if its not, then this will cause your car to slightly pull from either left or right due to tire pressure imbalance, usually the location of the front tire with the lower tire pressure is the direction of pulling. Add some amount of air on the affected tire to correct the pulling.
If you have the same amount of air on both of your car front tire, check each of your front car brakes for dragging this will also cause your car to slightly pull if one of your front car brakes drags.
To check if your front car brakes is dragging, drive your car for about 15 to 20 minutes and stop, touch the rim or hubcap of your car front wheel, check if there is a difference in temperature between the left side front tire and the right side front tire, the hotter wheel is the one with a dragging brakes thus causing your car to slightly pull to one side due to imbalance on your front end that resulted from brakes dragging. Bring your car to a shop specialized on car brakes, explain to the mechanic what you have find out and ask to inspect your car front brakes to determine what causes the dragging, a possible cause of brakes dragging is either a corroded support bracket or a seized piston inside your car brakes caliper, if it’s the piston then you’ll need to replace both the entire brakes caliper and it will cost you a lot.
If both of your car front wheels had no difference in temperature then your front car brakes is not dragging, the only remaining cause and the most common to make your car to pull in one side is that your wheels are slightly out of alignment, if this is the case you can also notice that your car tires wear abnormally. Bring your car to an alignment shop and this will fix the pulling and avoid abnormal tire wearing. Before replacing any front-end parts of your car seek first a second opinion to avoid a costly repair.

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