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Why does my car make a noise when braking?

Why does my car make a noise when braking? If car make noise when braking it means that there is problem with the brake components.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Noise during braking is an indication of loose brake component, if the sound is coming from the front end then the problem involves the disc brake, because disc brake is the most common type of front brakes in a car.

Disc brakes consists of a brake pads that squeezes against the disc because of the disc caliper which is induced by a pressure coming from the master cylinder when stepping on the brake pedal. If one component of the disc brake is loose a sound is produce especially when the brake pedal is press.Usually a clicking sound is heard during braking. The most common parts that are likely to cause the sound on the front brake is the brake caliper.

Possible Cause of Clicking Sound on Brakes
Loose Brake Caliper Bracket

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What to do?
If you want to find out what causes the brake problems, remove the wheel where the sound occur and then check the disc brake for some loose components.

Hence, if you cannot identify the cause of the problem better to bring the car to the repair shop specialized in brakes system. Asks the mechanic to inspect the disc brake for any loose components. Take care of this problem at once to avoid a much bigger problem that may arise due to loose component part on your car brakes.

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  1. my car has a ticking sound about like a turn signal it comes on when you touch the brake and will quit in a short time until you touch the brakes again, any idea what that could be,anti lock brakes


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