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Car Front End Dives While Braking

Car Trouble Symptoms
When you are braking your car front end dives.

Car Problem Diagnosis
This kind of problem is involving your car suspension and there are two possible reasons that causing these car problems, a faulty or worn out shock absorber or front strut cartridges.

As you may not aware of, there two key components of front suspension, the shocks absorber and the spring, these two parts sometimes separately installed to a car, but also there are cars wherein these two parts are integrated into a single unit, if that’s the case then the parts is called strut, and the shock portion of a strut is called a damper or a strut cartridge.

The purpose of these parts into your car is that, springs absorbed the bumps on the road while the strut cartridge prevents the spring from excessive bouncing by restricting the contraction and movement of the spring.

Since your car dives when you applied the brakes, your car suspension key components cannot support the weight of your car that is thrown out to your car front end which means that your front shock or front end did not function as it should be and is not effective in controlling the spring contraction.

Possible Cause of Front End Dives While Braking
Faulty/Worn Shock Absorber or Front Strut Cartridges.

How to Fix Front that Dives During Braking
Depending on the suspension of your car if it has shock or strut, if it is shock replacing them can fixed the problem. However if your car has strut you can replace the entire strut, or just replace the strut cartridge if your car model have a replaceable strut cartridge, to check if your car have a replaceable strut cartridge just ask your car dealer to confirm. But you have to shop first for a cheaper price before you buy a replacement parts, after all this kind of problem is not that hazardous so there is no need for you to rush things out in fixing this kind of problem.

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