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Tips to Save Gas and Maximize Fuel Mileage

As oil is constantly increasing on the world market, so as the fuel that our car use, high cost of fuel constantly ripping off our pocket and we have no choice but to accept what this giant fuel company is pricing us for the fuel that our car is used.

Car manufacturer is gearing up towards the development of a car that is not just environment friendly but also fuel efficient. However, even if we have fuel efficient car still we cannot maximize the mileage provided by every liter of gas that we filled our car unless we considers the proper driving habits.

Yes we can maximize our car mileage per liter of fuel depending on the way we used our car.

Tips that can help save gas and maximize fuel mileage

1. First thing first, you must have a constant maintenance on your vehicle have it serviced on regular intervals from your car dealer for proper tune-ups.

2. Always maintain the tire pressure that is recommended by your car manufacturer.

3. While on park waiting for someone, turn off your car engine, because fuel is consumed during idle but your car is not moving from one place to another.

4. Avoid driving your car in sudden acceleration and sudden braking when stopping, this may not only saves you fuel but also maximize the life of your car tires.

5. Avoid clutch driving, don’t rest your foot on the clutch as it will not only reduce your mile age but also reduce the life of your clutch.

6. When your car is in cruising speed, step on the gas pedal just enough and not rest your foot on the pedal to avoid unnecessary burning of fuel.

7. When driving at cruising speed try to maintain within the speed of 70 to 80 kph, as this is the economical speed range.

8. Lastly, shifting at higher gear on a lower speed can also help improve your mile age.

Fuel will continuously increase and we cannot do anything to stop it, instead we can only maximize the fuel that our car consumes on our everyday use.

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