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Mitsubishi Mieve unleashed by Mitsubishi Motor

Environmentally friendly vehicles is one of the highlights on the recently concluded 2nd Philippine International Motor Show and one of those vehicle is the Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle or Mitsubishi MiEV as what it is called.
Mitsubishi Mieve or compact car of the future is the result of Mitsubishi Motor strives as a manufacturer with goals of driving pleasure, safety and environment-friendliness. Mitsubishi Innovative electric Vehicle or Mitsubishi Mieve is built by Mitsubishi motor based on the popular car with unique layout, the i mini car sold in Japan.

Mitsubishi MiEV is a research vehicle from Mitsubishi Motor innovative technologies such as high capacity lithium-ion batteries and a high-performance compact motor.Joint research programs and fleet monitoring test using the i-MiEV has been conducted by Mitsubishi Motor together with power companies to collect field data to improve this electric vehicle.

The Mitsubishi MiEV four innovations

1. The Optimum Packaging for Electric Vehicles

Based on the i minicar's rear-midship layout platform, Mitsubishi MiEV replaces the conventional engine and fuel tank with a lithium-ion battery system, motor, inverter and other Electric Vehicle components.

The long wheelbase, a feature made possible from the rear-mid ship layout, provides storage space for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries under the floor. It also enables the motor and inverter to be installed in the space that use to house the conventional engine and transmission. Mitsubishi MiEV ensures ample cabin space for passengers (4-persons) and a reasonable size luggage compartment in the rear. The installation of batteries under the floor lowers the center of gravity, providing a more stable driving dynamic.

2. High-capacity Lithium-ion Battery

Electric Vehicle battery must have high energy density. Mitsubishi MiEV utilizes a high energy density lithium-ion battery pack, each consisting of 22 modules, with 4 cells per module.

Each high-capacity battery module can fit under the floor panel, both vertically or transversely. Mitsubishi Motors target for range with a single charge was 160 km for fleet test vehicles in 2008 (driving pattern: 10-15 mode).

3. Small High-efficiency Motor Technologies

High-efficiency motors are built smaller than gasoline engines, while producing high torque at low rpms.

The small, lightweight, high efficiency motor of Mitsubishi MiEV provides sportier and quieter driving, and more power 660cc turbo charged gasoline engine.

4. Three-way Battery Charging System

Mitsubishi MiEV accepts three types of battery charging system, the Household Charger System (100V-200V) for charging at home or a parking lot, and Quick Charger System for speedy charging.

With the Household Charger System, i-MiEV could be charged from either a 100V or 200V ordinary electric outlet via the household charger plug located on the right side of the vehicle. Using less expensive midnight power, Mitsubishi MiEV can be charged economically.

With the Quick Charger System, the plug located on the left side, using the 3phase 200V 50Kw Quick Charge System, Mitsubishi MiEV could charge to 80% peak in 30 minutes.

With the high cost of conventional fuel and the current situation of our planet, the demand for an electric vehicle is slowly growing, we need a lot of environment friendly vehicles like the Mitsubishi MiEV not only to combat the increasingly cost of conventional fuel but also to save our planet for the future generation .

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