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Brake Pedal Vibrates During Braking

During braking if you notice the car brake pedal vibrates when depressed it is an indication of misalignment between rear shoes and drums.

Usually if there is no vibration coming from your car front end, the problem points out to your car rear brakes and misalignment of rear shoes and drums is more likely the culprit. What is happening here is that both the rear shoes and drums are not in even contact during braking, thus vibration occurs.
What causes misalignment?

There are a lot of reasons why misalignment occurs and the most common is a warped rear drum, however another possible reason is that the drums are ok but rather the rear wheel bearings are worn out or loose which may indirectly causing misalignment between your car rear shoes and drums.

How would you correct the problem?

The only thing you can do is to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to first check the rear wheel bearings for any wear or looseness, if for instance the wheel bearings is in good condition then you’ll need to have your car rear brake drums to be machined, also you may need to replace the old brake shoes once the rear brake drums is machined because it will not be align well with your newly machined rear drums.

For instance during braking there is also a vibration coming mainly in the car front ends and vibrates together with the car brake pedal then the problem involves the front brakes, this kind of problem usually points out to misalignment between the front brake pads and discs, during braking both are not in even contact thus vibration occurs, also the most likely that causes the misalignment is a warped front disc or it also a possibility that your car front wheel bearings are worn or loose that may indirectly cause the misalignment. To correct the problem bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and do as what is being done when you encounter a problem with your car rear brakes as mentioned above.

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