Oct 25, 2008

Car Exterior Cleaning Tips

To maintain the look and finish of your car, a proper care and regular cleaning must be taken into considerations like your car routine maintenance.

Wash your car with a plenty of water using a wet sponge, clean your car thoroughly using a mild soap or detergent mixed with clean lukewarm water. Inside flanges, seams and folds on the doors, hatches and hood are particularly endangered by the effects of road salt therefore these areas must be regularly cleaned. Spray water under your car body and in the wheel wells to loosen the dirt and wash away road salt.

To avoid water spots use a damp chamois to dry your car.

Regular waxing protects the paintwork and keep the finish of your car. Polish your car after waxing to remove built-up residue and avoid weathered appearance. For the black urethane or polypropylene bumper, you can use black wax or black shoe polish.

Removing spots
Remove tar and oil spots, industrial dust, insects and tree sap as quickly as possible from your car paint surface to avoid lasting damage or staining. A lot of special cleaning products are available on any automotive accessories store.

Cleaning glass
Use glass cleaner to remove smoke and dust film from the glass surface. It is normal for the glass to be coated with a film after the vehicle is parked under the hot sun. Glass cleaner and soft cloth can easily remove this film.

Cleaning alloy wheels
Wash regularly especially during winter months in areas where road salt is used. Salt could discolor the wheel if not removed.

Chrome parts
Clean all chrome parts regularly with a non-abrasive chrome polish to maintain the finish.

Plastic parts

Plastic parts can be cleaned with a mild soap solution. If the dirt cannot be easily removed, use a plastic cleaner. Do not use any solvents.

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