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Oil Warning Light Occasionaly Flickers

If while you are driving you notice that your Oil warning lights occasionally flickers what be will the first thing to come into your mind?

When you encounter this kind of problem the first thing to look into is to check if there is enough oil in the engine? and this is easy to confirm.

Open the hood of your car and check if there is enough oil in your car engine.

If after checking you found out that your car engine oil level is low, then this is probably the culprit, as you may not aware off, the oil pressure inside you car engine will temporarily drop when you do not have enough oil inside the engine thus causing the warning light flicker. Just add some oil to the engine to eliminate flickering of your oil warning light. Do not add to much engine oil.
If for instance your car oil level is enough then that is not the problem, you must know how to diagnose to determine what causes the problem.

Let us find out what causes your car warning light flickers by investigating the scenario. Does the oil warning light appear only when the engine is hot?

If yes, then the problem is your engine oil, probably you are using a wrong specification of oil. As you do not know, when the engine is hot oil becomes thin thus causing a reduction in oil pressure which causes your car oil warning light to flicker, why this is happening?

Well, this will happen if you are using oil with a wrong viscosity or have degraded. Oil viscosity refers to the thickness of oil, the higher the viscosity rating, the more resistant the oil will be to high engine operating temperature also your car engine oil degrades by time this is mainly because of the dirt that pass the air cleaner and into the oil, Degraded oil has a tendency to thin quickly under high engine operating temperatures.

You can correct the problem by subjecting your car for an oil change and making sure that a right type of oil is put into your car engine.

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