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Cannot Shift In First Gear

Car Trouble Symptom
Cannot shift in first gear from stop position, when shifting to first gear the gear wont engage and no grinding sound is heard.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Stepping on the clutch pedal should disengage the clutch so that you can shift in first gear, but if you cannot shift then there is a problem on your clutch linkage. As you might not aware of, clutch linkage cause the clutch disc and the flywheel to become disconnected so that you can shift into first gear, if the clutch linkage is severely out of adjustment you cannot shift at all, however, if your clutch linkage is slightly out of adjustment you can still be able to shift in first gear except that a grinding sound can be heard during gear shifting. This is only a usual possible cause, there might be other cause that can only be determine by actual checking your car transmission.

Possible Cause When Cannot Shift to 1st Gear
Misadjusted clutch linkage

All About Auto Recommendation
If you cannot shift in first gear while on the road, try to shift into second gear. Shifting to second gear is sometimes possible to other cars even though it cannot shift in first gear from stop, then drive to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to first adjust your car clutch linkage, to correct your problem of cannot shift in first gear, however if this does not correct the problem then they will need to disassembled your car clutch assembly and this will cause you a lot.

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