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Lack of Car Engine Power Gradually

Car Trouble Symptom
While driving lack of car engine power can be felt gradually.

Car Problem Diagnosis
If your car top speed is significantly less than what it was, then the problem lies with a clogged catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is a device use to clean unburned gases this was included on your car exhaust system. If the catalytic converter is clogged, unburned gasses will not pass through it and a back pressure will cause your car engine to lose power, as you step more on your accelerator pedal the more the back pressure occurrence that causes your car not to attain the original top speed.

If the above case does not happen then the problem lies with the weak engine compression. By the terms itself compression is a compression of air/fuel mixture inside you car engine combustion chamber, compression is directly proportional to your car engine power, which means that the higher the compression the more power the engine has. Also the longer the engine was use the valves and rings tend to wear and this cause’s weak compression thus making your car lacks power. Worn timing belt can also cause weak engine compression, timing belt is worn as it ages, it becomes stretched down and allowing it to slip thus causing your engine timing thrown off and weak engine compression occur.

Possible Cause When Engine Lacks Power
Weak engine compression or clogged catalytic converter

All about car Recommendation
Take your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have a mechanic to first check your car catalytic converter for clogging. If this is the case then install a new catalytic converter because Catalytic converter cannot be cleaned. Also have a mechanic adjust the air/fuel mixture because this is the cause why your car catalytic converter was clogged up.

Now if your car has a weak engine compression, asks a mechanic to verify and confirm that your engine indeed has a weak compression, if it is confirmed that your engine have a weak compression tell the mechanic to check first the timing belt for wear and replace it, but if the timing belt was found to be ok, then the problem lies with either valves or rings.

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