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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Monthly car care tips- Winter Tips

Snow Blind

When clearing ice and snow from your windshield each morning, don’t forget the rest of your car. Snow on your car’s roof can slide off onto your freshly cleaned windshield—or worse—onto the guy’s windshield behind you. Plus, most state laws require your vehicle be clear of ice and snow.

Chill Out, Man

It’s a good idea to periodically run your A/C, even in the winter months. The cool refrigerant in your A/C carries a special oil that lubricates the entire system. Running it once in a while keeps you’re system lubed and ready for the summer months just around the bend!


Auto Glass Repair said...

I would like to ad that having an auto start system in your car, will help loosen the snow and ice from your roof, something that you might not be able to accomplish without warming the interior of your car. Be cautious when removing the snow not to damage your paint.. And whatever you do, do not pour hot water on your windshield its a very bad idea.

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