Nov 12, 2008

Wheel Locks Up or Skid While Braking

During application of brake, one of your car wheel locks up or skidding.

Troubleshooting car problems of wheel locks when braking
If one of your car wheels locks up, it means the opposite wheel is not braking. If one wheel is braking and the opposite wheel is not your brake is imbalance, this imbalance is causing the braking wheel to locks up or skid. Usually it is cause by contamination on the brake lining opposite the wheel that locks up there might be some sort of oil or grease on it.

Possible Cause of Wheel Lock Up
Contaminated brake lining on the opposite of the locking wheel.

How to Fix Wheel Lock Up
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check your car brake lining for any contamination, if it is confirmed that there is a contamination then have the mechanic to find out how did the brake lining becomes contaminated. One possible cause of contamination is that there might be leaking brake fluid onto your car brake lining.

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