Dec 23, 2008

Car Brake Pedal Vibration on Brake Application

When you step on the brake pedal to stop your car, the brake pedal vibrates, however the vibration can only be felt coming mainly from the car rear end.

Troubleshooting car problems of brake pedal vibration during braking
Vibration of brake pedal that can be felt coming from rear end of car when braking only mean one thing, the problem is related to your car rear brakes. This case is a result of misalignment between brake shoes and drums (car disc brakes and brake pads in case your car have a rear disc brakes), the brakes shoes and brake drums are not in even contact with each other thus resulted into vibration during application of brake. Misalignment is most likely cause by warped brake drums. However, it is possible that the rear brake drums has no problem but rather the rear wheel bearing are loose or worn out and this cause misalignment between the rear brake drums and rear brake shoes.

Possible Cause of Brake Pedal Vibration
Misalignment between brake drums and rear brake shoes.

How to Fix Pedal Vibration When Braking

You’ll need to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop or your car dealer service center and ask the mechanic to first check your car rear wheel bearings for worn out or looseness, if there is no problem on the rear wheel bearings, then you’ll need to have your rear brake drums machined to correct the warpage.

Take note that after your car rear brake drums was corrected you will need to remove and install also a new brake shoes to align well to the newly machined rear drums.

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