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Front Brake Dragging After Releasing Brake Pedal

When the brake pedal is release the front brakes is dragging.

Troubleshooting car problems of front brake drag
To confirm whether it is really your front car brake that is dragging, you may do this simple test. Drive your car a bit then stop, quickly touch each of the four hubcaps or the rims, check which of the four is the hottest, the hottest hubcaps or rims is the one where your car brake is dragging.

If you already confirm that the dragging brake is in the front, then the problem is related to your car disc brake. A car disc brake has a caliper in which it squeezes your car brake pads into your car brake disc. In order for the caliper to work properly, it should move freely on the support bracket, one cause if the caliper cannot move freely is when the support bracket is become corroded, it can cause the brake caliper to become stuck when your car brake pedal is released thus it will cause dragging in your front car brakes.

Another possible reason is when the piston inside your car brake caliper is seized your car brake caliper will not open, meaning no squeezing action is made between brake pads and brake disc, thus your car front brake will drag.

Possible Cause of front brake dragging
Front car brake caliper is stuck or the brake piston is seized

How to fix front brake dragging
You cannot do anything except to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop or your car dealer and ask the mechanic to inspect your car front brakes where the dragging occurs. If the problem only involves a corroded support bracket then just clean the support bracket with a brush wire, but if the problem is involving a seized brake caliper piston this means that you will need to replace not only the involve caliper but also the other caliper to have it match with each other to avoid pulling of your car when brake is applied.