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Low Octane Gasoline Causes Engine Pinging

Have ever experience of having heard a pinging sound coming out form your car engine? Pinging sound can be heard while driving on flat roads or climbing uphill, a pinging sound can be categorized as an engine related fault, but did you know that pinging sound can also be triggered by the use of gasoline with a low gasoline octane?

Gas with low gasoline octane or low grade gasoline or mostly those gasoline with a gasoline octane rating of 88 or below can cause engine pinging sound, gasoline with low gasoline octane or low grade gasoline burns easily because of being too combustible.

When a gas burns easily, under certain conditions it will self ignite before the piston reaches the top of the combustion chamber thus pre-ignition occurs, this will cause your engine to create pinging sound.

So, to avoid such problems, always use a gasoline with higher gasoline octane rating, you can see the gasoline octane rating of your gasoline on the front of the gas pump when you are having your fill in the filling station.

Usually gasoline with high gasoline octane are those with 92 or above rating and are usually called super gasoline.

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