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My Brakes Feel Spongy

My brakes feel Spongy  what does it cause?
When you step on the brake pedal and it feels that the brake is spongy then it means that there is air on the brake system.

Troubleshooting car problem of brakes that feel spongy
When your car brake system is properly functioning when you depress your car brake pedal a brake fluid will force through the brake lines into the brakes to stop your car, during depression of car brake pedal you will feels solid because brake fluid cannot be compress. However, if there is a presence of air in your car brake lines you will feel spongy when you depress your car brake pedal because air can be compress.

What can cause a spongy brake pedal
Presence of air inside the car brake lines.

How to Fix Brake with Spongy Feeling Pedal
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check your car brake system for any leak and also bleed the system. Take note how did the air get in the brake lines, there might be a leak within your car brake system or if your car was recently have repaired brake system who ever repaired it did not bother to bleed. In any case thoroughly inspect your car brake lines.

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