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Used Auto Dealers or Private Party, Where to Buy Used Car?

Which is better, buy a used car from a private party or buy from a used auto dealers? I should say it would be better to buy used car from a private party, because when buying from a used auto dealers there is no doubts that you will be spending more, why?

Because there are some used auto dealers that are most likely good in deception, they will do anything possible to sell the used car as high price as possible. Some auto dealers also use some tricks such as having to roll back the odometer just to give the used car a high value price. But not all used auto dealers are engage in such kind of work there are also good dealers that is honest and run a legitimate business which do not practice this kind of deception and fraud tactics.

However, if you want to buy a used car you must be aware of the behind the scene that sometimes does by a used auto dealers.

Therefore it would be better to look first for a private party selling their used car before going into dealers to avoid some fraudulent tactics that most used auto dealers are up to.

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