Jan 5, 2009

10 Tips to Shave Off a Few Liters of Your Car Fuel Consumption

Although staying your car in tiptop shape can shave off a few liters in your daily driving, adjustments in the way you drive can also cut a few liters in your daily fuel consumption.

Therefore, factors that affect fuel consumption are not only on the design of the car itself but rather include proper car maintenance and good driving habits.

Let me share to you ten tips I’ve already tried that can somewhat maximized your driving distance in every liter of your car fuel.

1. Properly inflate tire. Keep your tires properly inflate within the tire pressure of your car manufacturer specified value.

2. Reduce load. Keep your car as lightly as possible keep off unnecessary load on your trunk, excess loads means excess fuel.

3. Drive at high gear. Keep your gear on possible high position when cruising at steady speed, such as on the highway.

4. Maintain speed. When cruising specially on highway, maintain a speed. The most economical speed to drive is between 40 to 50 mph (70 to 80 kph).

5. Maintenance. Keep your car maintained and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Following the maintenance schedule can maximize the performance and fuel efficiency of your car.

6. Clean fuel filter and air filter. Keep your air filter and fuel filter cleaned, a clogged fuel filter can affect fuel economy.

7. Avoid traffic hour’s travel. If possible, avoid traveling during peak traffic hours.

8. Avoid busy road. If you have an option, avoid traveling at a busier road instead use a less traveled road.

9. Combined your errands. Combined your multiple trips in one journey.

10. Lastly, avoid sudden acceleration and stopping. Accelerate moderately and brake smoothly. Hitting the gas during start up can consume extra fuel.

Remember that a good driving habits and proper car maintenance can somehow maximize your car fuel efficiency and stretch a few kilometers of your driving distance.

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