Looking For A New Hot Hatch? 7 Reasons Why You'll Love The Audi S1

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11 Damages Cause by Poor Car Maintenance

1. Oil filter. Not replacing the oil filter for a long time can cause to become clogged and restrict oil flow, possibly leading to car engine problems or damage.

2. Air cleaner element. If the air filter element becomes clogged with dust and dirt, the proper amount of air will not reach the engine leading to a reduction in horse power and poor gas mile age.

3. Battery fluid. Using battery with low fluid levels can lead to battery drainange, over heating or even exploding.

4. Car brake pads/Brake lining. Using brake pads and linings past their service limits can lead to loss of braking effectiveness and accidents.

5. Brake hoses. Using brake hoses in poor condition can cause them to suddenly burst, possibly leading to the complete loss of braking power and accident.

6. Tire. Decrease in the tire pressure can go unnoticed. Use of a car with low tire pressure or worn tires can lead to car sliding, tire blowout and even an accident.

7. Coolant. Continue use of insufficient or dirty coolant from lack of replacement over a long period can lead to overheating or radiator corrosion.

8. Engine oil. Continued used of insufficient or dirty engine oil from lack of replacement over a long period can lead to engine problems or damage.

9. Brake fluid. Continued used of insufficient or dirty brake fluid from lack of replacement over a long period can lead to loss of braking effectiveness, which may result in an accident.

10. Window wiper blades. Using wiper blades in poor condition can make it hard to see forward, and may lead to an accident.

11. V-belt. Using a loose or worn V-belt can lead to breakage, which may cause the battery to go dead or the engine to overheat.

Routine checks and adjustments are essential for the safe and reliable operation of your car. Always fix any problems observed. If you notice anything unusual when driving, check it as soon as possible.

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