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7 Tips of Jump Starting Your Car Engine

Jump starting your car engine can cause you injuries if not properly done, to avoid the possibility of serious injuries precautions should be taken into considerations.

Jump starting car engine precautions

1) While jump starting, don’t lean on the car battery.

2) Do not use a booster car battery that is incorrectly rated when jump starting, doing so may damage your car. Booster car battery must be rated at 12v.

3) When jump starting the car must not be in contact with each other.

4) During connection and disconnection of jump lead to car battery terminal, avoid the positive jump lead connector in contact with the car or with the negative jump lead.

5) When jump starting, take note of the connection, positive to positive and negative to body ground, an incorrect connection could damage the charging system.

6) Never attempt to jump start a frozen battery, it could explode and cause serious injury.

7) Do not keep the starter motor engaged for more than 10 seconds.

Jump starting can save you out of trouble when stalled because of low battery charging however it may also give you a lot of trouble if you do not do it the proper way.

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