Jan 11, 2009

Car Pulls to the Right when Braking

Car Trouble Symptoms
The car pulls to the right when braking.

Troubleshooting car problems on pulling to the right when braking
This kind of problem has some thing to do with the car right front tires, front ends or the car front brakes and nothing to do with the car rear tires, rear ends and rear brakes because this is because the front ends and front tires controls the car steering and the front brakes do most of the braking, with that said let us find out which of the three is the problem.

The first one and the most easy to check is the front tires of the car. Using a tire pressure gauge check front tires tire pressure to find out if the right front tires has more air than the left front tire, you can also visually check the front tires by comparing the bulging at bottom of both the right front tire to the left front tire. Under inflated right front tire will cause the car pulls to the right when braking.

The next thing to check is the front end alignment by doing a simple road test, drive the car to a straight and level road, slightly relax your grip on the steering wheel for a second and notice if the vehicle will pull to one side (either left side or right side), take note that you do not have to step on the brake to determine if the vehicle will pull even when the brakes are not applied. If your car pulls to one side even when the brake is not applied then there is a positioning problem among your car front end.

Possible cause when car pulls to the right when braking
1) Imbalance tire pressure on front tires
2) Front end is out of alignment

How to fix the problem of car pulling to the right when braking
For uneven tire pressure on font tire just add proper amount of air on the under inflated tire.

If for instance upon checking tire pressure of front tires you found that it has even tire pressure then the out the imbalance tire pressure problem can be ruled out, therefore it is possible that the front end is out of alignment.

Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop then ask the mechanic to inspect the front end before having it align, if the mechanic recommends to replace one of the bad suspension parts after inspection seek first a second opinion before doing so.

If after road test you found out that there is nothing wrong with your car front end alignment, then the only thing left is to check your car front brakes.

The first thing to do is to park your car on a level ground and loosen the lug nuts on each front tires using a tire wrench then jack up your car and place a jack stand under it, you must place a jack stand on both side of your car so that both of your front tires is jacked up. Next remove both of your front tires so that your front brakes will be exposed.