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Front End Vibration When Braking

Front end vibration when braking happens when the brake pedal is depressed, during braking you will notice that your brake pedal vibrates. In addition there is also vibration that can be felt coming mainly from the front end of your car.

Troubleshooting Front End Vibration While Braking
Your car front end and the front brakes are link together, since your car front end vibrates during brake application, it means that it has something to do with your car front brakes. Also, if your car brake disc and your car brake pads are not in even contact with each other which means a misaligned with each other, this will result in vibration. The most likely cause of misalignment would be a warp front disc. However, it is also possible that there is no problem with your car front disc rather a problem with your car front wheel bearings, it may be worn out or loose which cause an indirect misalignment between your car front disc and brake pads.

Possible Cause of Front End Vibration When Braking
Misalignment between the brake disc and the front brake pads

What to do?
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop or your car dealer and ask first the mechanic to check if your car front wheel bearings are already worn out or loose, if there is no problem on the front wheel bearings, then you’ll need to have your front brake discs machined to correct the warpage.

Take note that after your car front discs was corrected you will need to remove and install also a new brake pads to align well to the newly machined front disc.

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