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High Pitched Squeal on Engine While Running

There is a high pitched squeal on engine while running. When the car is running there is high pitched which can be heard coming from the engine.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Usually a faulty alternator that spins produces high pitch squeal noise coming mainly from the engine this happens because the bearings inside the alternator are worn. Another reason for the high pitch squealing noise is that if drive belt becomes worn or damaged. Since drive belts is the one that drive various engine accessories it is always put into service when the car is running.

Possible Cause of High Pitched Squeal from Engine
Faulty alternator or worn drive belt

How to Fix High Squeal Pitched from Engine
The first thing to do is to spray a WD-40 lubricant on the alternator bearing if it is not sealed also underside of your car drive belt. Spraying WD-40 will temporary stop the high pitch squealed. Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop or your car dealer and ask the mechanic check your alternator for necessary repair or replacement and inspect also the drive belt and replace if necessary.

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