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My Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor

My brake pedal goes to the floor when the brake pedal is depress. No leaks is seen after stopping and checking the brakes.

Troubleshooting car problems of brake pedal goes to floor
With this kind of problem the first thing you should check the fluid level of your car brake fluid. Open the hood of your car and check the brake fluid level reservoir, usually it can be found on top of the master cylinder, when checking do not remove the reservoir cap, just shake your car slightly to see where the fuel level is. If the brake fluid level appeared to be low, with such kind of condition the brake pedal will travel further than it used to be because the lower the brake fluid level, the lower the pedal will travel.

If after checking you found out that there is enough amount of brake fluid, then the possible problem is a worn out brake lining, usually a drum brake system consist of a brake shoe which press inside of a drum when your car brake pedal is depressed, if the brake shoe lining worn out the brake pedal will have to be pressed down further before the shoe lining comes in contact with the brake drum.

Possible cause of brake pedal that goes to floor with no leak
Car is lacking brake fluid, Worn out brake lining

How to fix brake pedal goes to floor
Just open your car brake fluid reservoir and add some amount of brake fluid in your car, also bring your car a reputable auto repair shop or your car dealer and have it check by the mechanic because there could be leak somewhere in your car brake lines that is why it lacking of brake fluid.

For possible brake lining worn-out bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop or your car dealer and have the mechanic to check if your car brake lining is really worn out and needed to be replaced, usually bonded linings is needed to be replace if the thickness is already 1/16 inches or lower and for the riveted linings, it is needed to be replace if the thickness is already 1/32 inches or less above the rivets. It also recommended that the brake drums be machined before installing new brake linings.

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