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Car Won’t Start, Turn Over Slowly at Cold Temperature

Car won't start when turning the ignition on and turns over slowly, however it only happens when the temperature is very cold. If a car won’t start the first thing to inspect is the car battery, depending on the additional car problems symptoms you can determine if the battery is really the culprit.

Like this case, car won’t start only when the temperature is very cold, this means that the temperature is affecting the battery. As you may not aware car battery looses power just enough to make the car won’t start quickly if the electrolyte freezes up. An electrolyte freezes up at a very low temperature such as approximately below -6°C.

Possible Cause of Slowly Turn Over When Starting

Car battery electrolyte is partially frozen.

How to Fix a Car that Slowly Turn Over on Starting

The first thing to do is to wait until the temperature to get warm and try to start your car, however to avoid this kind of problem from happening again, consider replacing your car battery with a new one that has a higher cold cranking ampere, also ask the car battery salesman which battery is reliable in a very cold weather which is the reason why your car won’t start.

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