April 19, 2009

Engine Oil Warning Light Steadily On While Driving

While driving your car, the oil warning light came on steadily.

Troubleshooting car problems of oil warning lights that came on steadily
When your oil light warning light came on steadily it means that there is a lack of oil pressure inside the engine. Do the following for troubleshooting car problems.

(1) Open the hood of your car and remove the dipstick. Check your car owner’s manual for the procedure.

(2) Check if the Engine oil level is low. If the oil level is low then this is causing the oil warning light to come on steadily. Low level engine oil can cause the oil pressure inside your car engine to become low which I turn triggers the oil pressure sensor to cause the oil warning light on.

(3) If the engine oil level is sufficient, then the problem is a bad oil pump or faulty oil pressure sensor. Oil pump creates oil pressure inside the car engine, if the pump is faulty the oil pressure inside the car engine will drop and will trigger the oil warning light come on. However, the oil warning light only responds to the signal given by the oil pressure sensor, hence if the oil pressure sensor is faulty by incorrectly reading the oil pressure inside the engine, it will sends a wrong signal to the oil warning light causing it to come on. Also it maybe possible that the wiring connecting the oil pressure sensor to the oil warning light is faulty which can also cause the oil warning light to come on.

Possible Cause of Always On Engine Oil Warning Light
Low Engine oil level, Bad Oil Pump, Faulty Oil Pressure sensor, or Faulty Oil pressure sensor wiring.

How to Fix Engine Light That Steadily On
For a low engine oil level, just add a sufficient amount of engine oil remember not to add too much engine oil. Also have a mechanic check the car to determine as to why the car engine oil level becomes low.

For the bad oil pump, faulty oil pressure sensor or wiring, bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the oil pump, the oil pressure sensor and wrings. These problems need to be fixed at once, it is not recommended to drive your car at this condition because this may cause the engine to freeze up if the problem is about the oil pump.

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