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My Car Turns Over but wont start

My car turns over but wont start, this was happened one morning when I start the engine, while starting it just turn over and will not start. The car turns over a lot faster the normal.

Troubleshooting problem of car that turns over but will not start

If the car turns over but wont start and it turns over faster than normal then this is an indication of problem that have something to do with the timing belt.

The function of the timing belt is to make sure the valves in each cylinder are closed during the occurrence of combustion inside the engine cylinder, which is necessary to provide compression. If the timing belt has a problem such as the belt is broken, the engine will have no compression, if this happens your car won’t start.
Reason for the car to turn over but wont start is a broken Timing Belt or Lack of Compression is the main reason.

How to fix if a car turns over but won't start

Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop to replace the timing belt. However, if you want to do it yourself, you may do so by referring to a service manual of your car particular model. This kind of auto repair involves a very big job so make sure to have the best price available when doing or selecting an auto repair if the car won't start.

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