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What cause the airbag light to come on?

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What cause the airbag light to come on? or sometimes the airbag light is flashing after the car has been started.


Diagnosing airbag light that comes on

When you started your car engine you will notice that the airbag warning light on the instrument panel illuminates, this is because the airbag module is making a self test to ensure that the system is in operational, but after a few seconds it should turned-off, however if the airbag light does not turned-off or the air bag flashing light steadily, then there is a problem on the system. This happened if the module detects problem on the air bag system which will prevent the airbag from functioning in the event a collision happened.

Possible cause why airbag light always come on
Problem with the air bag System.

How to fix the airbag warning light that always come on

Bring you’re your car to a reputable auto repair shop that handles this kind of works and has the equipment to conduct diagnostics test on the air bag system to determined the exact cause of the problem. You are lucky if your car is still under warranty because it will be covered by the car manufacturer.

Air bag is a safety parts which should not be ignored when a problem is detected so take care of this problem at once, also when repairing air bag problem, it should be done by a professional that is trained on diagnosing and repairing air bag system. Again, take care at once to avoid a much bigger problem, when you’re car encountered an air bag flashing light or air bag warning light steadily on.