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Air Conditioning Vents Seized Blowing of Air

The car air conditioning vents stops blowing air at any fan setting. The ac is not barely blowing air but is completely stop. If there is no air blowing out the car air conditioning vents, this only means that the blower is not working, and when the blower is not working the two most common cause of this problem is a blown fuse or failed motor blower. 

A blower has a fuse which can pop up for some reason and can cause the blower to stop working, likewise when the motor blower failed it wont work. There is other possibility but is rare to happen, such as a faulty dashboard fan/blower switch.

Possible cause of no air coming out the vents
Blown fuse or Failed blower motor

How to fix air conditioning that seized the blowing of air
Referring to the user manual of your car, locate the fuse box and find the particular fuse for the blower, usually it is labeled “Heater” or “A/C. Once the fuse is found, check if the fuse has blow and replace it if necessary. It is important to replace the fuse with a new one that has identical amperage as the blown one. However, please take note why the fuse is blown, probably there is a short circuit somewhere else so if the new fuse also blown, you’ll need to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop specialized in car air conditioning and have it check.

For instance, if the fuse was intact then the problem is a failed blower motor or a possible switch wiring problem, if this is the case, bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop specializing in car air conditioning repair and ask the mechanic to inspect the blower and repair if necessary.