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Car Engine Backfires While Driving

Car Trouble Symptom
While you are driving your car engine backfires through the tail pipe.

Car Problem Diagnosis
When an engine backfires not only while decelerating but also at any circumstances while driving indicates that there is a possible problems with the engine timing or with the engine valve probably not sealing well. If car engine timing is off, spark from the spark plug occurs while the valve is partially open and this can cause the combustion of air/fuel mixture to partly occur in the exhaust manifold where in the sound can heard trough the tail pipe. Like wise, if the valves is not sealing well, a fuel leak will occur on he exhaust manifold which may ignite when the exhaust manifold is hot and the sound can also be heard trough the tail pipe. 

Possible Cause of Engine Backfire While Driving
Car Engine Timing is off or Valves not sealing

All about car Recommendation
Bring car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in car engine repair and ask the mechanic to check for any burned or out of adjustment engine valves, as for the timing of the car engine, usually it can caused by either a worn or slipping timing belt or timing chain.

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