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Transmission Pops Out of 2nd Gear on Driving

Car Trouble Symptom
While driving with the transmission on 2nd gear position, the transmission suddenly pops out the gear.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Manual transmission is very complex that is why it’s hard to diagnose the problems without seeing the actual transmission with problem that is why the auto diagnose that our auto specialist provided is only the most likely possibilities that causing the transmission to pops out of 2nd gear.

Transmission staying in gear has something to do with the car shift linkage and shifter fork, hence if there is a problem on both it can cause the transmission to jump out of gear. It’s more likely that the shift linkage was out of adjustments or the shifter fork is loose.

Possible Cause of Transmission that Pops Out of 2nd Gear

Loose shifter fork or out of adjustments shifter fork.

All About Auto Advice

 Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop specialized in manual transmission and asks the mechanic to check the transmission shifter fork and adjust if necessary. If the problem does not fix by adjusting the shift linkage then you are facing a more serious problem in your transmission and this can only be determined by a professional by means of thorough inspection on the transmission, but this will entail a higher cost.

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