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Turn Signal Light Flashes Abnormally

When the directional switch is turned on the turn signal flashes abnormally than it used to.

Troubleshooting car problems of turn signal lights that flashes abnormally
The turn signal lights have what is called a flasher unit in which when the directional switch is turned on an electrical current will passed thru it into the bulb. As the directional switch is continuously turned on, the electrical current is causing a heat builds up into the unit which in turn causing one of its parts called a metal strip to stretch-out and brakes the flow of electrical current making the bulb turns off. Likewise, when the metal strip cools down it will re-contracts and the electrical current will flows again, this cycle is continues until the directional switch is turned off. If one of the bulbs is defective then this will cause the turn signal lights to become abnormal when flashes.

Possible Cause of Abnormal Flashing of Turn Signal Light
Defective Bulbs

How to Fix Signal Light with Abnormal Flashing
Turn the signal light directional switch on then visually check the turn signal light on your car front and rear end. Then replace the portion with a defective bulb, check your car owners manual to determine how the correct specifications of the bulb, also to determine how to replace the bulb.

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