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Car Stall When Engine Temperature is High

Car Trouble Symptoms
While driving your car the engine suddenly stalls.

Car Problem Diagnosis
When an engine stall while driving and occurs while the car engine temperature is extremely high then the reason most probably is a vapor lock. Vapor lock means that, before a gas reaches the engine the gas already get boils. Boiling of gas before it gets into the car engine occurs if the engine temperature is extremely high, when this happens a formation of air bubbles occurs and this can cause a too much air and not enough gasoline in air/fuel mixture. When there is too much air the air/fuel mixture that comes into the engine is too lean, in this case it can cause the engine to stall because an engine cannot continue to run in a too lean mixture.

Possible Cause of Engine Stalling at High Temperature
Vapor lock

All About Auto Recommendation
With this kind of problem there is nothing much to do than to wait for the engine to cool, after the engine cools down try to start the car. However, the real problem here is that why your car engine temperature gets extremely high to cause vapor lock on the engine. It is recommended to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect your car cooling system, this is the most probable cause why the engine temperature gets extremely high.

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