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Car Wont Start When Temperature is cold

During starting the car won’t start, and this happens only when temperature is very cold such as 20F. When a car won’t start during a very cold temperature this indicates that the problem has something to do with the car battery.

As you may already know a battery is consisting of electrolyte, if this electrolytes freezes up even partially the battery will then losses power that is why during starting the engine wont crank because the power is not enough to start it. Now, a battery freezes at a very cold temperature, say 20F is just enough to partially freeze the electrolytes that is why you are experiencing a car wont start at a very cold temperature.

Possible Cause If Car Wont Start on Cold Temperature

Frozen Battery Electrolytes

How Fix When Car Wont Start on Cold

To fix the problem consider replacing your car battery with a new one that has a higher cold cranking rating, this rating indicates how a battery performs on a very cold temperature. Batteries with high cold cranking rating are very effective during cold weather. You can buy it on any auto parts store, just ask the salesmen on what type of battery is applicable in your car for a particular conditions, you can also buy it online at Amazon auto parts & accessories they can provide you with some assistance and has a lot of offers so that you can get the best deals for your parts.

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