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Carburetor Car Engine Stall at Normal Temperature

Car Trouble Symptom
Your car stall while driving, however the stalling occurs at normal engine temperature and most noticeably while driving up hill or around a corners.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Car stalling occurrence while driving uphill or when cornering is an indication of an out of adjustment float inside the carburetor. All carburetor engines consist of a float that controls the flow of the fuel to the engine, when this float is out of adjustment it can affect the flow of the fuel, but the effect cannot be notice while driving your car on a flat road surface, however when you drive your car uphill or during cornering the effect is become noticeable by making your car to stall.

Possible Cause of Stalling of Carburetor Engine at Normal Temperature
Incorrect carburetor float level

How to Fix Carburetor Engine Stalling
To fix the problem, you’ll need to adjust the float level. Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to adjust the carburetor float level, most carburetors can be adjusted, but if your car does not have an adjustable float then the solution is to replace the entire carburetor. You can either replace it with a rebuilt one but you cannot be sure how long will it last or replace it with a new one, shop around for the best price.

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